An Evening of Indulgence

an evening of indulgence

An Evening of Indulgence

What combination in the world screams more luxury that champagne, massages and Godiva chocolate in combination with a very sexy view over the river at Club Lounge Level39!

When Palm Therapies were asked to participate in the event; “An Evening of Indulgence” we    accepted without a hesitation.  Once the guests arrived they were offered a glass of champagne and  everyone started mingling  immediately, which is quite understandable after a long day at work. As  the  icing on the cake, Palm  Therapies’ own Ana was also available to give a 10 min “taster”  massage to the  guests. Unfortunately though, not everyone made their turn as the list was long!! A  lot of yummy  chocolate were on offer, fantastic prizes were won, amongst them a  fabulous massage.


Do you also want a piece of this luxurious night and experience? Call us and book our fantastic therapists for your event or why not give away one of our treatments for Christmas?

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