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Mint Julep Lip

Mint Julep Lip


It’s the season for comfy jumpers, hot chocolate and chapped lips I’m afraid. The nippy wind does nothing for our luscious lips- it leaves them dry and in desperate need of some TLC. There really is nothing worse than applying lip-gloss/ lipstick to peeling lips and the one thing flaky lips need in winter is a good scrub.

Lush’s Mint Julip is a mint-choc chip flavoured is a lip scrub which promises to leave the lips smooth and primed for lipstick. The scrub is made from castor sugar with invigorating and warming Peppermint oil in it and Jojoba oil to moisturise.

Lush is a shop I could spend many hours in, it’s a natural beauty skin care shop with the most amazing bath bombs! It’s so great that I even once had my hair styled by the shop assistant- I walked in with straight hair and walked out with beach waves! However, on this occasion I only walked out with this little pot.

When I opened the pot, the sweet vanilla and minty smell hit me- it smelt so good that I wanted to have a spoon or two. I scooped out a small amount and gave my lips good scrub for about a minute. When I finished my lips were flaky free and all pink- the scrubbing had circulated the blood to the surface. My lips were soft, flake free and ready to pout!

I liked the consistency of the scrub- the real sugar crystals were just right, not too soft and not to rough that my lips felt chapped! The smell is delicious and the tingling peppermint experience doesn’t disappear with use. Lush’s Mint Julip costs £5 and this small pot lasts me a good two months! So if you want to buff away your flaky lips I’d most definitely recommend you go get yourself a pot.


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