The Ultimate Hangover Cure

It’s party season and the biggest of them is still ahead of us. What’s not to like about finishing this year with a bang. Unfortunately, what usually follows is a banging headache! Well, not anymore. Aromatherapy is here to help!

Depending on your size mix 10-20ml of carrier oil (olive oil, almond oil, coconut oil etc as long as it is pure) with 10-20 drops of three essential oils. 10 drops per 10ml. The essential oils can be in any combination but do not exceed the 10 drops per 10ml.

 The New Year Hangover Detox  

3 drops of juniperberry essential oil

3 drops of cypress essential oil

4 drops of lemon essential oil

Mix all of the above with10 ml of a carrier oil of choice and apply to the whole of your body except your face and sensitive areas. Make sure you leave at least 2 hours before washing to get the full effect and drink plenty of water to assist the detox and avoid a headache. Milk thistle tea might be a good idea too. If this doesn’t help, why not come for a massage to get a clear headed and refocused start to the year.

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The Ultimate Hangover Cure

The Ultimate Hangover Cure


Warning! Do not use Juniperberry oil if you have any kidney related conditions and/or take medication for kidney conditions. If you are prone to allergic reactions or have very sensitive skin, halve the dose and perform a skin test first. Any question please contact me at

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